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  • The only Sports towel with a Magnetic clasp
  • Extremely long lasting up to 500 washes
  • Made with industry leading Microfibre material
  • Shoot hands-free video
  • Odorless
  • Drys 5x faster than the conventional towel
  • Next level soft
  • Lightweight - 17oz
  • Perfect size 20x20in
  • Extremely absorbent


Dropping your towel in the middle of your ride is the worst. No more, our magnet makes it so your towel stays with you. keeping you focused and in your flow.


Having a towel handy in the gym is a must! Our magnet keeps it off the ground and always within arms reach.


Having a magnetic towel on the course is a game changer being able to attach to your clubs or cart keeps you performing at the top.


Our towel is always there when you need it, wether its cleaning goggles wiping sweat or cleaning a number plate its ready to go.


Your towel needs to to be close and stay put and be ready for the task at hand, we promise you your Soaker. towel will not let you down.


Sustainable, cute & practical! Ensures the sand stays on the beach & not in your bag. The perfect towel for sunny days on the boat & lounging at the beach. You NEED this all in one towel :D

Kayla L.

Super happy with the towel it doesn’t hold sand and it dries fast! perfect for long days on the water!

Dylan D.

Extremely happy with my towel. Its light weight, very absorbent and drys fast! getting one for my wife!

Sam G.

I am beyond happy with my towel! Amazing for sandy beach days and perfect for hot, sweaty yoga classes! This towel goes everywhere with me :)

Kassie S.

Perfect all around towel! Awesome for the gym, hikes, camping wiping down the dogs it’s the one towel we always keep on us.

Megan C.

We got these towels for summer on our yacht so they didnt take up space and were easy to put in the wash they worked great.

Reese P.